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Founded in 1985, Info-Lynk Consulting serves its private and public sector clients through the design and implementation of strategies that will provide policy influencers and decision-makers with relevant, reliable and readable information on issues of mutual concern.

Over the past decade there has been a shift in interest at Info-Lynk around the relationship between community threats and community peace of mind (CPOM).The research conducted on this relationship was summarised in a January 2014 posting at the Dalhousie University website, Broadsides. The question of sustaining CPOM arose following visits to Nairobi and Mumbai in February 2014. This work has been conducted with an emphasis on maritime security as well as community sustainability following a calamity and arose from first response management to do with the 2003 SARS outbreak and the defining of evidence based best practices in emergency health care. This research work is ongoing, critical appraisal is appreciated

Below is a list of Info-Lynk Consulting health care related publications:

Health Care Consulting and Japanese Rock Gardens
Richmond Review, September 17, 2009

Healthcare Advocacy: Only God doesn’t need an advisor
2008 Care Giver and Early Stage Conference, Edmonton, October 25 2008

Governance and Accountability in Health Services Delivery: A primer on health care for Canadian Politicians.
A health policy analysist embedded in the trenches of political warfare analysed queries made by local candidates and statements in the media and by politicians about health care in Canada during the 2004 federal election.

The 2009 H1N1 Outbreak: A Chaotic North American Trigger with Evolving Global Consequences.
This paper is a pre-edited copy of Chapter 12 from the book The Impacts of NAFTA on North America: Challenges Outside the Box, edited by Imtiaz Hussain, published, August 2010 by PALGRAVE MACMILLAN®

Quality Management Case Studies in Health Service Emergencies: SARS and Wildland-Urban Interface Fires
Q Manage Health Care Vol. 14, No. 1, pp. 2–17 January - March 2005 (PDF file size 820Kb)

Reverse Quality Management: Developing Evidence-based Best Practices in Health Emergency Management
Q Management Health Care Vol. 15, No 2 Pp 104-115 April - June 2006.

Canadian Public / Private Travel Health Insurance – A Consumer’s ReportDecember 2010


Part 1: Canadian Public / Private Travel Health Insurance – A Consumer’s Report

Part 2: Canadian Public / Private Travel Health Insurance – A Consumer’s Report

Governance and Accountability in Health Services Delivery: A Submission to BC Conversations on Healthcare
April 13, 2008

Please provide comments or further inquiries about these publications to: tim@infolynk.ca.

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