Governance and Accountability in Health Services Delivery:
A primer on health care for Canadian Politicians

The period just prior to an election is not the best time to discuss the practicalities of how health services should be organized and managed. Such matters are very complex, requiring an understanding of concepts about accessibility, intensity of care, quality of service and continuity of care that surround service delivery at time of need.

The Canadian system, with its ten provinces and three territories each responsible for the health serviced in their respective jurisdictions, offers a pluralistic approach on how health services can be provided within a national framework. It also affords the opportunity for individuals seeking public office at the provincial / territorial or federal levels to misinterpret the circumstance in favour of their own political beliefs more so than identify methods to optimize the resources in the interest of patient care.

This workshop is designed to provide some understanding of the issues and complexities of the Canadian health system to persons unfamiliar with how health services are governed, managed and function. This workshop offers broad parameters on which questions can be asked of persons seeking public office.  As part of their orientation for their involvement participants are encouraged to individually answer these questions prior to beginning the workshop. Participants receive a complete workbook with all slides and accompanying relevant articles. For more information about this workshop write to info@infolynk.ca

Workshop Agenda:

  1. The  electorate's relationship to health taxes and program funding
  2. Public finance and administration oversight in health services delivery
  3. Health silos integration and political accountability
  4. Health care interface relationships and federal / provincial responsibilities
  5. Patient responsibilities in the management of prescription medicines
  6. Purchasing quality medical care: single payer system vs. free markets
  7. Public / private health insurance interface in Canada
  8. Decision motivators in Canadian health care: wealth disseminators vs. wealth  generators

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