1. Welcome to our new home at infolynk.ca
  2. International Travel Insurance Conference, London, U.K. May 9th 2001.
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Once again, welcome to Info-Lynk Consulting Services Inc. on-line and do enjoy your visit.

Welcome to our new home at infolynk.ca

As everyone prepares for the new Millennium, Info-Lynk Consulting services Inc. is going through changes to better serve you, providing relevant, reliable and readable information.

If you have visited our site before some of the big changes that you will notice is our new look and our new, all Canadian, URL designation. If you have previously bookmarked our site you will want to do so again to insure your arrival to our new home.

Visit up often, we shall be updating our site periodically. If you would like to keep in touch you can write to us via updates@infolynk.ca


International Travel Insurance Conference, London, U.K. May 9th 2001.

Travel Insurance Regulations: The Canadian Model an example to follow?

Out of country travel insurance to Canadians generally means travel medical and hospital insurance. The regulation of this aspect of health services funding in the Canadian context has been analyzed by Info-Lynk Consulting Services with particular reference to Canada Health Act and the obligations of provincial governments when their residents leave Canada. Tim Lynch will be presenting the results of this review at the International Travel Insurance Conference, London, U.K. 9th May 2001. http://www.voyageur.co.uk/itic This presentation will include an analysis of the structure of Canada's two-tier health care system and an explanation of why it is illegal to sell "medical" and "standard ward hospital" insurance in Canada. To view abridged version of a presentation ENTER HERE.

This presentation will be followed by a presentation from the General Insurance Standards Council in the UK http://www.gisc.co.uk. It will be posted as a "discussion deck" on this site the day of the conference presentation in London.



Canadian Landscape online.

Resently the Canadian government was noted for being the best country globally to provide services online. Hearing that, we have created a page devoted to the Canadian Landscape online. To access this page you can click on any canadian flag or maple leaf you find in this site.




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